rainwater tanks made in Australia

Local Pickup Available in Sydney

All our rain rain water tanks are designed and made in Australia.

Government Rebates on rainwater Tanks


Rainwater Harvesting

modular rain tanks

The idea is simple: capture and store excess rainwater so it can be available during dry periods. The Rainwater HOG slim line modular tanks are designed to help you harvest Rain water in urban or rural areas .

Environmentally sensitive rain water tanks

Architecturally designed to fit in places where normal slim rain tanks by the drivewaytnaks don't

Works horizontally under decks or vertically along walls and fences

Rain water Hog = Lowest Total cost of ownership

Rain water harvesting was Traditionallyconfined to rural properties in Australia who could burry or have space for a large massive corrugated water tank in their back yard. Urban dwellers or those in higher density areas can now take advantage of recent developments in technology and design making rainwater tanks accessible to those in higher density areas. You can start with a few barrels for catching rain or alternatively the compact slimline water tanks made by rainwater Hog.